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Our first step in working with clients is to get them up to speed on solar. During our comprehensive Feasibility Analysis, we ask critical questions, perform detailed analysis, and share our deep knowledge of technology and finance options with you to determine a solution that is economically and technically advantageous for your business.

Spire will guide you to the right decision for your company at every step.


Spire’s impressive project management reputation is founded on minimizing business disruption for our clients. Our in-house team of engineers, project managers, and financial experts has worked in the solar industry since its inception—garnering a level of expertise only made possible by experience.

From permitting through installation and interconnection, our team addresses every detail to ensure your project proceeds smoothly, on schedule, and on budget.


With a wide range of financing vehicles now available—including some requiring no up-front capital investment—solar is a way to quickly and significantly reduce one of your biggest and most volatile expenses, the cost of energy.

Clients rely on Spire’s deep understanding of financing vehicles, tax benefits, government incentives, and other options to determine a path that achieves specific financial goals, satisfying your appetite for return and risk.